Hydrogen for Europe

It is a proposal for the main “Hydrogen for Europe” study – an objective and comprehensive study on the role of hydrogen in the EU energy transition – which is currently being developed by research institutes SINTEF and IFPEN. Delivery expected end of 2020.

The “Hydrogen for Europe – Proposal for the main study” is undertaken with the purpose of presenting in detail the reason behind the study, its objectives, how the study would be conducted and who is going to work on it.

In particular:

  • Context -> Hydrogen as a potential solution for an efficient energy transition
  • Objectives of the study -> why, what and how; added value for the funding partners
  • Approach -> research questions and methodological framework
  • Team -> expertise in energy system modelling
  • Work plan and delivery -> management, milestones and proposed schedule
  • Financial proposal -> indicative total budget
  • CVs and references

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is an energy carrier that has no greenhouse gas emissions related to it when being used. Hydrogen can be used in the industry, transport sector, power sector and to heat the building stock. Therefore, hydrogen could potentially be part of the solution to achieve the necessary decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system.

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