Carbon Management Webinars

June/July 2020

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs and IOGP organised a series of four webinars on Carbon Management – a key range of solutions of which CCS, nature-based solutions, clean hydrogen and others are a part of.

1st Webinar – Nature-based solutions

The first webinar, carried out within the framework of the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Week, focused on nature-based solutions.

The high-level speakers discussed carbon management solutions in agriculture and forestry, their scalability and relevant EU regulatory framework to discuss their role in removing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Artur Runge-Metzger, Director DG Climate Action;
  • Ana Frelih-Larsen, Senior Fellow at Ecologic;
  • Jutta Paulus, Member of the European Parliament;
  • Mika Aho, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at St1.

2nd Webinar – Economic analysis: Can we afford not to bet big on carbon management?

The second discussion took place between top energy economists and a Member of European Parliament on the role of modelling and thorough economic analysis.


  • Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency (IEA);
  • Maria Spyraki, Member of the European Parliament;
  • William Zimmern, Head of Global Macroeconomics at BP.

The speakers looked into how modelling can help guide the distribution of effort between all sectors so as to optimise cost-efficiency as well as the economic feasibility of the transition to carbon neutrality.

Next sessions

The next two webinars will be held in September, stay tuned!

  • Carbon Capture and Storage – what is holding it back?
  • What policy tools to manage carbon neutrality?

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube